Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I Blog ??

Hello World!

This is my very first post to my brand new blog. Hurray :)
I was a bit confused while creating this blog as so many things were going in my mind about “What should i write about first?”. Then somehow I figured out a nice question for myself i.e “Why should a person blog?”. So here am I answering the question “Why I blog?”
I always ask myself “Why should i blog?” Believe me it's a good question. To be frank, I'm not going for "Hey I'm so cool I have a website yeah!!" actually blogging is just a hobby in fact. Instead of doing 3-4 things (Chatting, mafia wars, – will tell you about it later) at a time I can concentrate on one or may be two or you can say that It's a creative writing exercise and at the end of the day, It  helps keep myself turning into a Zombie. A long time ago I read a blog post somewhere which i don’t remember where. But that  post changed my thinking about writing. That how writing just a few times a week can give you immense satisfaction. Trust me writing things like this is way much better than what I use to write in my Exams. Using any creative window helps you in increasing your general creativity levels, which you can apply when you tackle problems at work or at school or at home too. So, raising the creative levels - that's a big incentive for blogging.

The second reason can be the pleasure in receiving comments. For example, I also have a Deviantart  Profile (there you can submit photographs, paintings, drawings etc.). Though I am not that active there as i was earlier but still i do get comments on photographs I posted on it. Once I posted some Crafts Fair Images, honestly speaking images were not that good. All you can say that they were all Amateur. But people like it and they leaved comments on it. Some of them were really humorous. But when i read those comments i ended up adding around 40 more photographs of places that i clicked. Regardless, comments were great. And i feel glad whenever someone leaves a comment (you know what i mean :))

Finally, the third reason I blog because there are a lot of technologies and topics out there that you can experiment with and learn about if you have a website to put them to use with. Advertising technology, traffic analysis, widgets, are all available on the web for the Bloggers. This blog will allow me to participate on the Internet in many ways than just emailing and web browsing.

So there you have it, that's "Why I blog !"

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  1. dude get something to write on.You wrote quite fine but topic wasn't so good

  2. thnx.. @Ankur I'll keep it as a complement.... and try to choose better topics.... :)