Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Tab Standing keeps your Google Chrome Window Open even if you close the last tab


Keep your Chrome window alive even after closing the last tab.

By default, Google Chrome exits the entire program when you've closed the last tab. Chrome extension Last Tab Standing prevents this from happening by opening an empty new tab page when ever you close your last tab.

From the Developer’s Page:

“A common complaint with Google Chrome is that closing the only remaining tab will exit the browser.  Some people prefer it this way; if you don't, you have your reasons.  This extension automatically opens a new tab instead of allowing the browser to close normally.  To exit the browser, simply close the new tab (or click the X button as usual).”

Not much to say about this. But If you don't like the default behavior—which I know is frustrating for some—Last Tab Standing is a nice fix.

Last Tab Standing is a free download, you can Install it from the link below.(Click the big Green Button):

Click to Install "Last Tab Standing"


Fin :)

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