Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soluto – Trying to do what Microsoft Can’t


I know that most us always feel that our PC’s are getting slower. They are taking more time to boot, more time in processing information (running/opening software). Well, there’s a new guy in Techno Town named SOLUTO. Its only aim Is to reduce the wait. It’s a unique PC utility (windows only) that is designed to speed up the boot time of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Systems.

On Monday the website again opened its gates to download the software. As the download were down for quite a long time. The Program in now available in BETA, it gives you a detailed information about your Boot Time, startup Programs and how much time each boot process is adding to your overall boot time.

If you ask me, it really works. It cuts my boot time into half… approximately

                 From Here

        To Here



Soluto displays the your boot time and processes every time you startup. (You can disable in by right-clicking on the Soluto icon and deselecting "Live Boot Progress.")

You can disable in by right-clicking on the Soluto icon and deselecting "Live Boot Progress.")

Soluto categorizes your boot applications into three categories: No-brainer (Green)(you can turn them off), Potentially removable (Orange) and Required (Grey)(core system processes that Soluto Uncle won't let you touch because if you did, you are in trouble, which he try to avoid all the time by managing your boot time). (Blue one are those processes which you have removed from your boot process)

Soluto's Home Screen

And after this.. once you identified which application (process) you want to deal with you can expand the details and can control it directly from your screen. You can "Pause" the application, which will effectively remove it from the boot process, or you can "Delay" it, which will change the service to run on a delay instead of directly during the boot process—which will get you to a working desktop a little faster.

Fullscreen capture 8312010 85128 AM

Soluto is definitely a crowd powered program, it collects the activity of users about what they do to a particular application/process (Pause/Delay/In Boot). Soluto will get better and better as more people uses it. It saves all it data in its so called “PC Genome”

From the Website :

“Soluto's PC Genome is a knowledgebase of PC frustration data built automatically through the usage of Soluto software. Its objective and statistical information, gathered and analyzed by Soluto, is also editable by the community.”

PC Genome


Fullscreen capture 05-Sep-10 14332 PM

Even though most of Soluto's crowd sourcing is done automatically, Soluto does have a wiki component for users to contribute descriptions and recommendations about boot processes. (All wiki contributions are reviewed by Soluto before they are published.)

wiki mode

To better understand how Soluto works, check out this short video which does a great job of explaining the software, how to use it, and how it can help you troubleshoot the boot process:

Soluto is free for the windows users. You can download it from Soluto’s website “www.soluto.com” or just click the big yellow download button below. Soluto is a free software, so I don’t think I am in trouble (piracy :P)


Fin :)

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