Sunday, December 9, 2012

ChatWing – Free Real Time Chat


With technology as one of the fastest growing niches in the Internet today, the average web user can now find the best solutions to his application or program woes. Through technology blogs and websites, any web user can gather information—this can be accomplished in just few clicks of the mouse and through a helpful search engine. If you want to tap the ever-growing technology niche, keep in mind that tech discussions should be included in your website. It’s a good thing that you can now use the recent chat application by Through this chat room tool, visitors can now discuss important things about technology.




Commonly, tech discussions range from the best applications, their advantages, and disadvantages. If you are tech-savvy, you can now share important tech information through the ChatWing chat box. With this information, your visitors can share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. ChatWing’s shout box is also a modification kit—you can design the chat room that you want through the application’s dashboard. There, you can change colours, sizes, chat room styles, parameters, and many more. Also, you can add background images to the chat room to make it more soothing to the eye. ChatWing provides a selection of background images, but you can also upload one through a valid link.


ChatWing chat room is also social media inclined. Visitors can log in with their social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. You can take advantage of this by sending them invitations. This can help you grow your social network. Additionally, your tech website can be marketed to various social media communities. This is a huge boost to any website marketing campaign. The average ChatWing chat room can also handle thousands of users regularly. This simply means that traffic will be continuous for your website. Every now and then, you can also share important tech updates to your ChatWing chat room. Visitors will love seeing these updates.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to maintain your computer


There are about a hundred things that we plan to do, but never even try to do those things. Maintaining a computer is definitely one of those things. Cleaning it and taking backup of data is as important as breathing air these days. You never know, when a computer is going to crash because you didn’t clean the dust from its components and interior fans. Right? So, here’s our simple guide to keep you on right track.


Keep It Clean

The most common cause of a computer failure is Overheating. If you are not going to clean the debris and dust that usually built around the components and interior fans, you might face the same problem. The interior fans (SMPS and the one which is on the top of the processor) are the cooling system of a computer, that’s why the interior should be cleaned every 2 months. For cleaning the interior of PC, all you have to do is remove the side panel from the Tower Desktop with the help of a screw driver (method of removing the side panel will vary manufacturer to manufacturer, please refer to the user guide of your tower desktop), after removing the panel I hope that you’ll be able to see the dust around the components. Now, remove the dust with the help of a cloth and cotton swabs, but be sure not to touch the wires and remove any large dust balls with the help of tweezers. When you are done cleaning the interiors, simply replace the side panel. Doing this process would hardly take 10-15 minutes, which is a small amount to pay for keeping your PC up and running.



Run Regular Maintenance

With your computer completely clean from inside, now it’s time to make sure that your computer runs smoothly. To keep your PC in a tip top shape you have to perform regular maintenance. If you are a Windows 7/Vista or Mac OS X guy, you don’t have to do anything. They take care of defragmentation on their own. But if you are running some earlier version of windows (Win XP or 98), you have to run the Check Disk (chkdsk) utility manually and if you want to run disk repair on Mac manually, all you have to do is, Go into your Applications, after that open Utility folder and click Disk Utility. When you are inside Disk Utility, click the First Aid button and then choose Repair Disk Permissions button. Doing this will make your Mac a bit slow for couple of minutes, but running this utility after every major installation will keep your Mac and you happy for a long-long time.


Another alternative of doing things manually for a computer is using a cleaning tool. CCleaner is a tool which cleans all kind of junk from your PC to ensure a smooth run.


Back It Up

Taking Backup is important and we all know it, but very few of us do it. Earlier whenever someone loses data, he/she can rub it off on fewer options and difficulty. But now taking backup is as easy as eating a pie. The only thing you need is a backup system. Backup system can be a computer, an external hard drive or pen drive, the only condition attached to it is it should be outside your house. Now you’ll ask why outside the house? I said outside the house because what if someone stole those belongings from your home, I know the chances are slim to none, but the results can be devastating.


Check out this guide to backup your data on your PC and also have a look at backing up your data on the cloud, which is absolutely effortless. If your data consists of simple files and folders, I suggest that you start using Dropbox. Dropbox is a small utility that syncs your files across platform. Simply install Dropbox everywhere on Mac, Windows, Linux or an Android, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere and in case your PC crashes, all your data is safe in the cloud.


Make It Good Looking

Now you’ve cleaned your PC and also took its backup, it’s time to give it a new look. No, I’m not going to suggest that you buy a new cabinet. Instead I’m more focused on applying new themes, wallpapers and new icons to it.


I hope that with this simple guide you’ll be able to keep your computer in a good shape and if there is something that you want to share with us, please drop it in the comments.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to make Bing’s wallpaper as your Google Search background

We all love Google Search, but some of us also love the background images that are used by Microsoft’s Bing. I open Bing daily, not for searching something, but to see their latest background wallpaper. So, we were thinking about, is there any way of automatically putting the Bing’s background image as Google Search’s background wallpaper and we found just the right solution for it. So, with “Bing wallpaper for Google homepage”, Chrome extension, you’ll be able to put Bing’s background image as Google’s background wallpaper. Only thing you have to do is install the extension and open Google’s homepage, you’ll see the latest Bing’s background as your Google’s wallpaper.
Click to enlarge
The extension comes with different option for setting wallpapers. You have the option to set the wallpaper as current Bing wallpaper or even a random one. The extension also give you an option to pull images from a Picasa web album, you just have to give its RSS link.
In load settings of the extension, you have an option to load the wallpaper every time you open, once or when you first open chrome after login.
It is a great way of changing Google’s background wallpaper automatically and on top of that you get a new wallpaper every day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Google’s new voice enabled 34-button calculator



Google added a new 34-button virtual calculator to its search today. Earlier when you would have searched 5 x 3, it would have showed you 15, but now when you will search any kind of calculation on Google search, a scientific calculator will appear.

This calculator will work on any type of OS, whether it is an Android or an iOS device. But that’s not all, this calculator is voice enabled, all you have to do is say “calculator” to launch it on your mobile device. It understood when I said “what is 4 +9 multiplied by 7 divided by 3” , which is just awesome, if you ask me.

A voice enable calculator, how cool is that.


When you’ll try this on a mobile device, it will open a normal calculator. But to get the scientific calculator, you’ll have to switch to landscape mode.

So, all the kids who are not allowed to use the calculator while doing homework, now you know what you have to do Winking smile.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Windows Phone 8: All you need to know and more


It’s not even been a week, when Microsoft launched their own tablet line – Microsoft Surface and now on June 20th, the software giant gave another surprise to its Windows Phone users by giving a sneak-peak into their latest version of Windows Phone Operating System, Windows Phone 8. Microsoft held a press conference in San Francisco to showcase the new features of the latest mobile OS. Microsoft claimed that the new version of mobile OS is the most advanced version they have ever created. Windows Phone 8 will adopt the Windows NT kernel in place of the old Windows-CE architecture. Windows NT kernel will share many features with Windows 8, which will allow applications to run on both platforms.

The latest version will be available to the new phones only because of the changes in hardware requirements and it will officially launch later this year.

So, what is Windows Phone 8? Should you care about its release? What’s in it for you? Read all this below.


Windows everywhere

Windows Phone 8 is going to share remarkable resemblance with the latest Windows 8. You probably have noticed the start screen of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, both looks somewhat similar. But it’s not only the skin that looks same. Both platforms will now share the same core. Microsoft has ditched the Windows-CE architecture and has adopted Windows NT kernel, which is also used in Windows 8. Which means the younger Windows Phone OS and the big brother Windows OS will work on the same technology, will have the same file system and same web browsing and media technology.


The shared core has opened the gates of new opportunities for developers. Developers now will be able to use the native libraries of C or C++, with DirectX and SQLite support. In simple language, create a program for Window 8 and that same program can be ported to Windows Phone 8. Game Studios can port their existing Windows based games to Windows Phone and while writing a new game for Windows 8, they are writing the game for Windows Phone 8 too.


Changes, Changes and Changes

As Microsoft has opted for shared Windows NT kernel, changes will be there. Whether it’s in terms of hardware or new features (read apps). With Windows core, Windows Phone is now capable of supporting Multi-Core processor, dual-core, quad-core, or octo-core, you name it.

Windows Phone 8 will support new screen resolutions as well – 1280 x 720 and 1280 x 768, which will allow phones with whooping 720p high-definition displays.  These screen resolutions are going to have similar aspect ratios, one with 16:9 and two with 15:9. But a developer doesn’t have to write two separate codes for these different screen resolutions, Windows Phone 8 will automatically take care of it.

Microsoft said, Windows Phone 8 will support all sorts of removable MicroSD cards, which clearly means more storage space plus not to forget the internal memory that comes along with the phone.

Microsoft will now officially support NFC (Near Field Communication). New Windows Phone 8 will have a Wallet Hub, which will support NFC Payments and will also be able to store information of Credit Cards or frequent flier cards. If you ask us, it looks like Microsoft took the Google’s NFC payment part and Apple’s latest Passbook app and mixed it to create their own Wallet Hub. The NFC support will also allow Microsoft Windows Phone 8 to share content just by bumping it with another phone. They are calling this new feature Tap + Send. This new feature is similar to Android’s beam function. Microsoft is also planning to bring the Tap + Send feature to Windows 8, so that content can be shared between two OS easily.

The latest version of windows phone will also enjoy Internet Explorer 10, which is on its way to windows OS as well. IE 10 is way more secure and faster than its previous versions, with features like SmarScreen Filter and advanced Anti-Phishing features.

Nokia Maps will be the first party app for giving the map experience to Windows Phone 8 users. Nokia Maps will also bring the ability to browse offline maps, which was obviously missing in Bing Maps. This ability will enable users to store offline maps onto their phone and it will allow them to see it later without any data connection.

The most important change that will come is that more games and app are on its way for sure. Windows Phone 8 sharing the same core with Windows 8, will only results in a volcano of new apps and especially games.


A fresh Start

There are tons of features that have been given to Windows Phone, out of which one is the new flexible Start Screen. The Start Screen will be under complete control of the user, which will make it more customizable and personal. The Start Screen will now support three sizes of Live Tiles, small medium and large and a new palette of theme colors.





VOIP integration and Skype (Video Calling)

The VOIP integration means that VOIP apps are going to become a part of Windows Phone 8 universe, allowing them to use people hub and even phone dialer. Developers now will be able to tap into the existing phone features so calls coming from Internet can be answered in the same way a traditional call is answered. This functionality can be considered as a platform, allowing developers to use it in a way they want and Skype will automatically get advantage from it. We can also assume that deep Skype integration can be a part of Windows Phone 8.


Will the existing Windows 7.x devices receive Windows Phone 8 upgrade?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. All Windows 7.x devices are not compatible with Windows Phone 8 because of the hardware changes. Although existing 7.x device uses will get an update to 7.8 instead, probably at the same time when Windows Phone 8 will make its debut in the market.

Microsoft will give the new Start Screen of Windows Phone 8 to the existing 7.x device users, so that everybody can enjoy and use it.  This Start Screen update for existing 7.x users will be called Windows 7.8.

This is just a sneak-peak of Windows Phone 8 given by Microsoft at the San Francisco event. More features will be seen in the final version of Windows Phone 8. But one thing is for sure that it’s going to be a Gamers Delight, with all the native C++ and C library support. Whatever Microsoft is planning to give to its Windows Phone users, this teaser is more than enough to satisfy the Windows Phone fans.

So, do you like it? Is there something that you wish to be included in the new version of Windows Phone? Or will you still prefer Android or iOS over Windows Phone 8? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Goodbye Letsbuy


Letsbuy ( is *un*officially the most expensive domain name. Flipkart bought it for between $20-25 million (Rs. 100-125 Crore) just to put a redirector on it. Today (28th May, 2012) Flipkart posted this message on Letsbuy’s homepage saying :

“Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your valuable patronage to In order to further improve your shopping experience, we have integrated our operations with the largest player in the category – FLIPKART.COM. We are redirecting all our visitors to where you can avail the same exciting offers on the entire range of products.

For our existing customers, your order history and status remains secure with us. You can get all details about your existing orders by dialing : 0124 4901234 (from 8 AM to 9 PM )

We once again thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to providing even better shopping experience, now through Flipkart.

Yours sincerely,
The Letsbuy team


Clicking the categories like, Mobiles, Computers, Digital Cameras will now take you to

This is how the homepage looks like :

Letsbuy officially dead


Fin :(

Monday, February 27, 2012

Flipkart’s Flyte – Functional and Lite


Flipkart launched its much awaited “Online Music Store” by the name of Flyte. They are currently offering downloads in MP3 Format and DRM free music tracks starting at Rs 6. with multi device playback support in various bitrates including 64kbps, 128kbps, 320kbps.

You can re-download a purchased song 4 times, which also includes your initial download. Songs can be downloaded from 40 different languages and are divided into genres like Devotional and Spiritual, Hindustani, Carnatic, Pop, Rock and the list goes on.

Now, about the looks. Have to say, the store looks amazing. Neat and Easy to understand. It also gives you the freedom to listen to a 30 second clip of a song.




Flipkart is also offering a Download Manager, which allows customers to manage their downloads. This is what Flipkart says about The Flyte Download Manager.


“Download Manager” is a desktop application that enables faster and  easier downloads. The Download Manager allows you to pause and resume file downloads later. While downloading multiple songs, especially from an Album, the download manager saves a lot of clicks.


The Flyte Download Manager is currently offered for Windows and MAC based Computers only.

Linux guys Stay Tuned.


Although, I am not sure about how many will actually buy Songs from Flipkart’s Flyte. But the Hunt for finding Album Art is surely over.

I even made a Google Chrome app for those who want to access Flyte from their browser in a Single Click.


Flipkart's Flyte - The Online Music Store


(Simply Click the Flyte Image and your download will start (32 KB). Now, Drag and Drop that downloaded file in your Google Chrome or Chromium Bowser and you are sorted. But, make sure you keep that downloaded file saved somewhere or you’ll lose your Flyte Chrome App.)


Will update the post soon, after fully crawling the store.


Fin :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Troll Physics (Amazing Electrical Engineering)


This guy has taken the Troll Physics to a whole new level. Check It Out.






Fin :)