Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Google’s new voice enabled 34-button calculator



Google added a new 34-button virtual calculator to its search today. Earlier when you would have searched 5 x 3, it would have showed you 15, but now when you will search any kind of calculation on Google search, a scientific calculator will appear.

This calculator will work on any type of OS, whether it is an Android or an iOS device. But that’s not all, this calculator is voice enabled, all you have to do is say “calculator” to launch it on your mobile device. It understood when I said “what is 4 +9 multiplied by 7 divided by 3” , which is just awesome, if you ask me.

A voice enable calculator, how cool is that.


When you’ll try this on a mobile device, it will open a normal calculator. But to get the scientific calculator, you’ll have to switch to landscape mode.

So, all the kids who are not allowed to use the calculator while doing homework, now you know what you have to do Winking smile.