Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to make Bing’s wallpaper as your Google Search background

We all love Google Search, but some of us also love the background images that are used by Microsoft’s Bing. I open Bing daily, not for searching something, but to see their latest background wallpaper. So, we were thinking about, is there any way of automatically putting the Bing’s background image as Google Search’s background wallpaper and we found just the right solution for it. So, with “Bing wallpaper for Google homepage”, Chrome extension, you’ll be able to put Bing’s background image as Google’s background wallpaper. Only thing you have to do is install the extension and open Google’s homepage, you’ll see the latest Bing’s background as your Google’s wallpaper.
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The extension comes with different option for setting wallpapers. You have the option to set the wallpaper as current Bing wallpaper or even a random one. The extension also give you an option to pull images from a Picasa web album, you just have to give its RSS link.
In load settings of the extension, you have an option to load the wallpaper every time you open, once or when you first open chrome after login.
It is a great way of changing Google’s background wallpaper automatically and on top of that you get a new wallpaper every day.