Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to maintain your computer


There are about a hundred things that we plan to do, but never even try to do those things. Maintaining a computer is definitely one of those things. Cleaning it and taking backup of data is as important as breathing air these days. You never know, when a computer is going to crash because you didn’t clean the dust from its components and interior fans. Right? So, here’s our simple guide to keep you on right track.


Keep It Clean

The most common cause of a computer failure is Overheating. If you are not going to clean the debris and dust that usually built around the components and interior fans, you might face the same problem. The interior fans (SMPS and the one which is on the top of the processor) are the cooling system of a computer, that’s why the interior should be cleaned every 2 months. For cleaning the interior of PC, all you have to do is remove the side panel from the Tower Desktop with the help of a screw driver (method of removing the side panel will vary manufacturer to manufacturer, please refer to the user guide of your tower desktop), after removing the panel I hope that you’ll be able to see the dust around the components. Now, remove the dust with the help of a cloth and cotton swabs, but be sure not to touch the wires and remove any large dust balls with the help of tweezers. When you are done cleaning the interiors, simply replace the side panel. Doing this process would hardly take 10-15 minutes, which is a small amount to pay for keeping your PC up and running.



Run Regular Maintenance

With your computer completely clean from inside, now it’s time to make sure that your computer runs smoothly. To keep your PC in a tip top shape you have to perform regular maintenance. If you are a Windows 7/Vista or Mac OS X guy, you don’t have to do anything. They take care of defragmentation on their own. But if you are running some earlier version of windows (Win XP or 98), you have to run the Check Disk (chkdsk) utility manually and if you want to run disk repair on Mac manually, all you have to do is, Go into your Applications, after that open Utility folder and click Disk Utility. When you are inside Disk Utility, click the First Aid button and then choose Repair Disk Permissions button. Doing this will make your Mac a bit slow for couple of minutes, but running this utility after every major installation will keep your Mac and you happy for a long-long time.


Another alternative of doing things manually for a computer is using a cleaning tool. CCleaner is a tool which cleans all kind of junk from your PC to ensure a smooth run.


Back It Up

Taking Backup is important and we all know it, but very few of us do it. Earlier whenever someone loses data, he/she can rub it off on fewer options and difficulty. But now taking backup is as easy as eating a pie. The only thing you need is a backup system. Backup system can be a computer, an external hard drive or pen drive, the only condition attached to it is it should be outside your house. Now you’ll ask why outside the house? I said outside the house because what if someone stole those belongings from your home, I know the chances are slim to none, but the results can be devastating.


Check out this guide to backup your data on your PC and also have a look at backing up your data on the cloud, which is absolutely effortless. If your data consists of simple files and folders, I suggest that you start using Dropbox. Dropbox is a small utility that syncs your files across platform. Simply install Dropbox everywhere on Mac, Windows, Linux or an Android, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere and in case your PC crashes, all your data is safe in the cloud.


Make It Good Looking

Now you’ve cleaned your PC and also took its backup, it’s time to give it a new look. No, I’m not going to suggest that you buy a new cabinet. Instead I’m more focused on applying new themes, wallpapers and new icons to it.


I hope that with this simple guide you’ll be able to keep your computer in a good shape and if there is something that you want to share with us, please drop it in the comments.

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