Sunday, December 9, 2012

ChatWing – Free Real Time Chat


With technology as one of the fastest growing niches in the Internet today, the average web user can now find the best solutions to his application or program woes. Through technology blogs and websites, any web user can gather information—this can be accomplished in just few clicks of the mouse and through a helpful search engine. If you want to tap the ever-growing technology niche, keep in mind that tech discussions should be included in your website. It’s a good thing that you can now use the recent chat application by Through this chat room tool, visitors can now discuss important things about technology.




Commonly, tech discussions range from the best applications, their advantages, and disadvantages. If you are tech-savvy, you can now share important tech information through the ChatWing chat box. With this information, your visitors can share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. ChatWing’s shout box is also a modification kit—you can design the chat room that you want through the application’s dashboard. There, you can change colours, sizes, chat room styles, parameters, and many more. Also, you can add background images to the chat room to make it more soothing to the eye. ChatWing provides a selection of background images, but you can also upload one through a valid link.


ChatWing chat room is also social media inclined. Visitors can log in with their social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. You can take advantage of this by sending them invitations. This can help you grow your social network. Additionally, your tech website can be marketed to various social media communities. This is a huge boost to any website marketing campaign. The average ChatWing chat room can also handle thousands of users regularly. This simply means that traffic will be continuous for your website. Every now and then, you can also share important tech updates to your ChatWing chat room. Visitors will love seeing these updates.

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