Who Am I?

T plus G
I don't know why but I think this "particular" page is going to have a lot of visits and those who are visiting this are rather bored from whatever they were doing. But now that you are here, you obviously want to know something. So, let me tell you, Who Am I..........

Technology 'n' Gadgets are something that interest me, I’ve had more luck with gadgets than girls. So till i figure out what this is, I am sleeping with gadgets.

I have 26 years of experience in sleeping. And believe me I can sleep anywhere in any position. Laziness and me go hand in hand. :)

According to Hindu religion Tushar means : a droplet/sprinklet of water. People often says your name depicts your nature. But here I just can't understand that  "How a word can reflect an individual ?"  I don't know whether I'm true to my name or not (and A Droplet... Seriously.. :P).

The posts on this blog are my thoughts, and I don't think that anyone will have any kind of problem in it...everyone has a right to say what he/she thinks (But then again I live in India, where you write the truth something about a politician and you just signed your jail orders - http://dailym.ai/14TBBRs).

This blog is an integration of my horizon and neosis. And if you don't understand what this means try to waste time reading stuff like this.